What is the John Molson Sports Marketing Committee?

The John Molson Sports Marketing Committee has established itself over the past two decades as a leader in the world of sports business education. JMSM organizes a number of events that bring value to students interested in pursuing a career in the sports business industry. Most notably, JMSM organizes the largest student-run sports business conference in Canada.

Our Mission

To create value for university students interested in pursuing a career in the sports industry, and provide quality experiences for students through different academic and sporting events and initiatives.

2017 – 2018 Executive Team

From left to right: Claudio Fabrizio Viganó, Denis Voutos, Oliver Trajkovski, Jonathan Lafleur, Romana Kazi, Nicholas Vonapartis, Marc Normandeau, Christos Lazaris, Igor Alferov, Sarah White, Olivier Turcotte, Chris Arella, Jeremy Rutman, Luca Pietrantonio
Missing: Mélanie Bédard, Anthony Psycharis, Austin McCarthy, Nina Petersen, Orenzo Porporino, Matthieu Fawcett

Who Are The People Behind JMSM?

JMSM consists of 19 undergraduate students from different fields of study at the John Molson School of Business who share a passion for business and sports. We strive to provide students with the best sports business conference in the country.

“There is a breed of people out there, unlike the rest. Those who watch sports and look for something more. They want the game to mean something. They want it to matter. Every game offers a blank canvas, whose artists paint with sweat, and blood. It is chaos; controlled, and the relentless pursuit of progress. Of perfection. It is the burden of expectation, and the pain of unkept promises. It is competition, in its purest form. A city, united. A nation, captivated. More than sticks, and bats, and rackets, but instruments. Each shot, each swing, etching a legacy into the fabric of history. It is being remembered. For better, or for worse. There are no scripts, no formulas. Success can’t always be attributed, but it must be recognized. Every stride, pushing the boundaries of human achievement. Sport is alive. Living, breathing, and ever changing. It is in all of us. Every cheer, every tear, is a promise. A promise to those that do more than see, but believe. A promise to you. A promise to all of us. Maybe it is “just a game.” Or maybe, it’s something more.”

Our Vision

As the largest student-run sports business conference in Canada, we commit to creating the greatest sports business conference experience in the country. We will continue providing our delegates with tangible educational experiences as well as both practical and technical competencies enabling them to succeed in their future endeavours.

Our Values


We are committed to giving our complete effort into every event. While we will continually grow and learn from the past, JMSM is devoted to moving forward to reach new heights and achieve new objectives.


In line with the affinity advantage of sports, JMSM operates with passion in all that it does.


Through all JMSM events, our executives are focused on building not only the community of Montreal, but also the community of the John Molson School of Business, and of Concordia University as a whole.


JMSM acts with integrity and veracity, never compromising the beliefs and our vision. We demand accountability and we expect fair play from all executives.


With the ever-changing trends in the sports business industry, JMSM executives are encouraged to be progressive and embrace the opportunity to try new approaches and break through the barriers.


JMSM is committed to delivering exceptional quality in all that we do. We set high standards of performance that all our executives must achieve.