What is JMSM?


Somewhere between lectures, tutorials, and campus libraries is where you'll find this committee formed entirely of John Molson School of Business undergraduate students.


From the heights of the bleachers to the depths of the field, sports is the common passion that unites, defines, and drives us.


Money makes the world go round. More than that it fills stadiums, wins games, and builds dynasties. Sports and business will forever be intertwined.


The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.
- Vince Lombardi

The Sports Business Conference

The largest student-run sports business conference in Canada since 1995


students from across North America

Each year JMSM brings together some of North America’s best and brightest sports marketing students to network, interact with, and learn from industry executives.


sports industry speakers

From Presidents, to General Managers, the conference hosts speakers from all of North America’s major leagues, whose insights prove useful for aspiring students.


days in Montréal

Known for its eclectic culture and dynamic nightlife, a weekend in Montreal is hard to turn down. For this reason, it is the perfect backdrop for our annual conference.


years and counting

Founded in 1995, the John Molson Sports Marketing Committee’s rich history continues into its 20th anniversary year. Stay tuned.


case competition winner

Each year students are given the opportunity to participate in a case competition, and pitch their business plans to corporations in the sports industry seeking fresh perspectives.


major North American sports

JMSM has proudly hosted representatives from North America’s 4 major sports leagues, as well as the MLS, CFL, and the International Olympic Committee.
halftime conference

halftime conference

Former International Olympic Committee vice-president Dick Pound addressing the student delegation

hockey tournament

hockey tournament

This year's proud JMSB hockey tournament champions pictured with the famous Johnson Cup

speaker series

speaker series

JMSM alumnus Lorne Segall talking about his experience as the Program Director for the Manhattan Sports Business Academy

Halftime Conference

The inaugural Halftime Conference was a one-day event consisting of 3 panels of speakers from the sports industry, all of whom live in, or have some affiliation to the city of Montreal.

Hockey Tournament

Every year JMSM invites business students to ditch their suits and ties and instead dawn their buckets and wheels to participate in our 3v3 hockey tournament. The winner lays claim to the famous Johnson Cup.

Speaker Series

Our reccurring Speaker Series bridge the gap between student’s education, and their prospective career opportunities by providing an intimate setting to interact with, and learn from, sports business professionals.

There is a breed of people out there, unlike the rest. Those who watch sports and look for something more. They want the game to mean something. They want it to matter. Every game offers a blank canvas, whose artists paint with sweat, and blood. It is chaos; controlled, and the relentless pursuit of progress. Of perfection. It is the burden of expectation, and the pain of unkept promises. It is competition, in its purest form. A city, united. A nation, captivated. More than sticks, and bats, and rackets, but instruments. Each shot, each swing, etching a legacy into the fabric of history. It is being remembered. For better, or for worse. There are no scripts, no formulas. Success can’t always be attributed, but it must be recognized. Every stride, pushing the boundaries of human achievement. Sport is alive. Living, breathing, and ever changing. It is in all of us. Every cheer, every tear, is a promise. A promise to those that do more than see, but believe. A promise to you. A promise to all of us. Maybe it is “just a game”.

Or maybe, it’s something more.

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